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Selling a Veterinary Practice – How to Prepare Your Practice for Sale

Selling veterinary practice ownership can be extremely rewarding, but over time the demands of business operations and daily client care can take their toll. As a result, many veterinarians choose to sell their practices at some point in their careers.

Selling a veterinary practice is more than just handing over a set of keys—it’s letting go of a piece of your heart, a lifelong dedication and a place where countless animals and their owners have found comfort. That’s why thorough preparation is essential to the process.

The Art of Transition: Navigating the Process of How to Sell a Veterinary Practice with Ease

The first step is to identify your reasons for selling the practice. This will help you prepare your business for sale by ensuring that you’re ready to walk away and that you’ll be able to achieve your desired sales price.

Once you know your reason for selling, it’s important to determine who your target buyers will be. This can include associates in the practice, private equity groups or corporations. The type of buyer will ultimately impact your sales timeline and pricing, so it’s important to consider all your options.

Keep in mind that some states and regions prohibit the sale of veterinary practices to non-DVMs, but there are strategies to work around this. Additionally, it’s common for a prospective buyer to ask for an owner to stay on the premises for a period of time to facilitate a smooth transition for staff and clients. This can add time to the sales timeline, so be sure to factor it in.

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